Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pre-Birthday Day and Nite

So I finally wore the "boyfriend look" And I think I like it so far. Hubby said these need to be called "husband jeans" The jeans it better than I expected, and better than the first time that I tried them on too. So I was pleased with this outfit. I wanted to wear a different pair of shoes. I just didnt have anything (i guess flats or boots) that was comfortable enough to wear while walking through the mall.

Saturday's Outfit
Blazer - LaneBryant outlet
Jeans - FashionBug
Mens underarmor tshirt - cousin's giveaway bag

The plan for saturday was to meet my cousin at the mall and do a little shopping. She wanted to get some makeup for an upcoming party. She wanted an easy makeup line that has an easy application. She has 3 kids, and the last one is only 6 months, so clearly she needs a makeup regimen that is fast and easy. She also suffers from some face discoloration around her chin, so she wanted a line that would really have good coverage for her problem areas.

These are the looks that both of us got from Nordstrom. My look is from the Trish McEvoy Cosmetics line and her look is from BobbiBrown Cosmetics.

Here are a few items that we got from our shopping day.
Cousin Kellie got the Bobbi Brown Essentials Foundation Stick (awesome!)
Trish McEvoy lipgloss in Irresistible Pink (so quuuuuute!) and the Trish McEvoy translucent powder (a perfect finish)
I got the Trish McEvoy eyebase essentials. (great as a eyeshadow or to be used as an eyebase.)

We also wanted to get
- Beauty Booster Cream Great as a makeup primer and has an excellent spf
- Beta Hydroxy Pads To be used to sloth off the dead skin but very nonabrasive

Later that day one of my line sisters came down to Bmore from Philly. We went to get our eyebrows threaded and then we got pedicures. Aaahhh, I needed that. I got purple fingernails and pink toenails. Painted toenails always make me smile. And I needed to get my feet done so bad!

That night we didnt have any place special to go, so we went to this little bar/lounge and the food was awesome! The place was a little empty, but they were playing music and the food and drinks were good, so thats all I needed to have fun!

Saturday Night Outfit
Black ponte pants - Avenue
Butterfly sheer shirt - LaneBryant
Black pointy kitten heels - Aldo
LineSister's Outfit
White shirt
Black tights
Brown scrunch knee boots


NikStar said...

i love both of your outfits! I've been wanting a pair of boyfriend jeans but I haven't found any that compliment these hips.

Love that top for your night outfit! Happy Birthday girl! I say party it up for the rest of the week!!!

Kari said...

You and your cousin look great! Sounds like a fun day of pampering. (I can't stand pedicures myself - my feet are waaay too ticklish.)

I love your boyfriend blazer in the first outfit!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I like both outfits and I'm jealous of your pedicure. My feet look awful these days- I really need to get them to a salon ASAP.

misss_e said...

lOving the second still not sold on the husband jeans though.

Sak said...

love ur hair

Sabrina said...

Love love the look on you!! I think you need to ship that blazer to me right away.

I have been meaning to get a pair of BF jeans, but haven't been able to find the right pair. But I am determined too now.

BBM said...

look at you and ure bf or "husband" outfit girl! u look great and ure night outfit looked so good on you! i love how it shows-off ure curves! u looked fab and im happy that u had a great time! ;-) xoxo!