Monday, March 22, 2010

Andie's Accessories - Day 1

This blogging experience has been really fun! And I have been a serious winner at a few different blog giveaways. This week in honor of my winning and to celebrate a super birthday, I will be featuring each of the items that I won in Andie's Accessory giveaway. Its also Andie's birthday week, so this is a great celebration. Check out Andie's blog and offer her a few questions for her birthday.

Here is a closeup of the bracelet that I wore today. It is the cutest black flower bracelet.

Today's Outfit
"Husband" Blazer - LaneBryant
Dress - NY&Co
Black skinny pants - Avenue
Shoes - Macys
Black flower bracelet - Andie's Accessory Giveaway


Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

That is a stunning bracelet!
And your hubbie blazer is great lol

keep on doing your thing~

BBM said...

now where did you go dressed all fancy? love the hubby blazer of course and i spy my favorite scarf. and you and ure winnings! i wanted to keep this giveaway a secret from u cuz i want to win this time ... but ure a pal so though id share: LOL.

and ANDIE!!! happy birthday week if you're lookin! xoxo! here's a question for u ... why did u giveaway such a cute bracelet?

Sak said...

such a wonderful looks cute on ur hand..hope u had a nice weekend.

misss_e said...

Good for you!!! Im so glad someone I "know" wins giveaways! Cute Husband Blazer!

Marianna said...

You look fantastic! Congrats on winning... I've won a few recently too and it feels great! :)

Nina said...

The bracelet is very cute and it looks great with your outfit. Plus your hubbies blazer looks great on you.

Cynthia said...

Love that bracelet! Congratulations on winning!