Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How do I follow... and a little bit of Green

Today is only a peek-a-boo amount of green in honor of St Patrick's Day. Sure, I have alot of green I could wear, but I wasnt really in the mood. I guess I just wasnt feeling the "collective thought" movement today (thats a whole other ramble I can save for another day). Either way, this is my little bit of green that I have to offer.

Today's Outfit
Denim Trousers - JC Penny
Green sequin tank - Old Navy
Seersucker(sp?) Blazer - Target
I realized a few years ago, that my body does not feel fit well with Target clothes. But they have such cute things to offer, I often find myself still trying to buy and wear their stuff. This jacket has a pair of pants (that I am sure I can no longer fit) and when I got it a few years ago, I was so surprised and overjoyed that I could actually fit a cute seersucker. But alas, I think I may have to retire this blazer. Its a little snug, and the only reason that I could still wear it today was because it has such great stretch.
Whats that little pin on your lapel? Well thats the "Outstanding Member" pin from my Toastmasters Club at work. We have a meeting today and I finally found the pin, so I figured I would throw it on. But I really wanted to wear some other type of pin. I just think that this jacket calls for a broche of some sort.
I have noticed that my face does not appear on any of your blogs. Can you see me over in your followers section? Cuz when I log in, I dont see me. Whats up with that? Am I doing something wrong? When I want to follow a blogger, I hit the follow tab at the left most top of each blog. But then there is the google connect tab to follow as well. Are these different? do I need to click both? I want to follow, but Im not sure if I am doing something wrong.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your template from? I want a cutesy one or one that is some kind of loud color. PINK LIME GREEN TURQ

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I would die for a great seersucker jacket- don't get rid of that one! It looks great on you! Also, if you really love it, take it to a tailor and see if there is any seam allowance they can let out. That would loosen it up a bit and make it a little more comfortable.

As for following, when I choose to follow a blog, I click the "Follow" link at the very top of the page. Then Blogger opens another window giving me the choice to follow publicly (my picture will show) or to follow anonymously. I rarely click on the person's "Follow me" button in the content of their page (if they have one). Hope this helps!

Zuzuli said...

Cute look!
How do you like Toastmasters? Have been thinking of joining one here.

Maria said...

I love the jacket, you should keep it, it still looks good! And if not, then tell me which Goowill has it, lol. I like the peeking green. I think it's suttle but still pretty.

Hmm, I just click on the Follow button on the page, but if you're using two different e-mail addresses that could be the problem because I noticed one time I was logged in with a different email and my picture did not come up. Hope that helps.

Sak said...

hey beautiful..that green is so fresh...may be u have turned your setting google friend instead of blogger. i did the same and my face disappeared. click on follow then click on more options, then click on change
(this will be near-currently using -----) a window will appear and click blogger. it woeked for me. try it.

BBM said...

i love the little peek of green! ure face in the follower thingy use to show ... i remember ... but the tips above should help!

Bianca said...

Love the jacket! Super cute. :-)

Weirdly, I cannot fit Targets shoes. They fall off my feet, and the next size down is too snug.

I follow everyone in my blogger, so its not public - no pic for me...