Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Andie's Accessories - Day 2 (Two for One)

Today I am offering a "two for one." The outfit that I selected to wear today could be accessorized with two of the items that I won in Andie's Accessory giveaway.
Today's Outfit
Grey slacks - hmmm, maybe FashionBug
Turquoise Cardi - LaneBryant
White tank - LaneBryant
Black flats - Macys
Polka Dot Scarf tied in a bow - Andie's Accessory Giveaway
Here is a close up of the bow that I made from a neck scarf that was in the giveaway items.
And then I remixed the scarf as a bracelet. I had seen a few other bloggers pull this look off, but I dont think that it worked out to well for me. I just felt silly wearing it. And one of the other items included in the giveaway was a beaded necklace with a seashell at the end. The seashell is a gorgeous grey color, which went well with my slacks. Below you can see how I put them on together to get a "two for one" combo.
I decided to go with the bow look above for work today. I want to save the seashell necklace to wear with a really nice sundress with the summer gets here!


EvaNadine said...

i felt a little self-conscious the first time i tied a scarf on as a bracelet, but you really do get used to it -- i think it looks cute!

Zuzuli said...

I love how you made it into a bow! Also, the blue is a fabulous colour on you :)

Andie said...

fun! fun! fun!

that blue is great on you! :)

I am so glad you found something to do with it immediately because I couldn't figure anything out for it. LOL

and that necklace- I got it in the bahamas at the big straw market!

BBM said...

i love this blue on you! cute ideas with the scarf! ure so lucky!

Maria said...

That is such a pretty necklace, it will look great in the summer. I also really like the scarf, and I agree with you, I think it looks better as a bow on the cardi. Overall, really cute look and good idea.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I love how you tied the scarf into a bow- great idea! (One I may have to steal!)


Nefertiti said...

ton gilet est extra top,j adore le noeud