Friday, March 26, 2010

Andie's Accessories - Day 5

I have really been having a good time with the gifts that I won from Andie's Accessory Giveaway. Its so much fun to win.. and I guess I have just been really excited to show you all what I won while finding creative ways to display each accessory. Oh, and above all, I am truly greatful and thankful. Everyone doesnt get a chance to win fun and exciting new things, so, this week has been my display of appreciation.
Today's Outfit
Jeans - ???
Floral jacket - DressBarn
Black long sleeve thermal tee - GAP (mens section)
Black penndant necklace with silver rocker chain - Andie's Accessory Giveaway
Im not sure if the necklaec actually went with the chain, but I didnt have another chain that I could use, so I just made it work. And the combination is fine with me. But either piece, the necklace or the penndant, could have been worn separately.. so does that make it a "two for one" lol!

Here is a close up of the necklace.


Andie said...

Ha! I never even thought to put those two together! That's awesome!

I'm so glad you are enjoying all of your new accessories! :)

Have a great weekend, and thanks again for all of your sweet words! :)

Taylor said...

I am totally wanting that jacket. I love bold b&w pieces!

Sak said...

what a pretty jackets ..I love the bold print and it is beautiful on u.

BBM said...

great layering!

Nishant said...

so glad you are enjoying all of your new accessories! :)
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