Friday, July 1, 2011

The week in Review

Yes, I've been gone for a minute and Im back. So, I've taken pics all week. I'll just do a review of all the pics for the week.  Not sure why I havent posted in the last two weeks.  Part of it is that I dont think that I have enough variety in the choices so I keep wearing the same thing... (who wants to see a blog with pics of the same things) Although one of my friends mentioned to me that I havent repeated many of my outfits.. I feel like I am.

BUT, here is what I came up with for the past week. Enjoy and have a great holiday weekend!!
Hubby and I are off to Happy Hour after work today. I wont be to "happy" but there will be plenty to eat, so I plan to have a good time.  My hair has fallen a little from earlier in the week (cuz I wrapped it last night instead of pincurling), but I will fix it tonight.  im trying to do a maternity photo shoot this weekend, so we'll see. It depends on how I am feeling.  If I do, I will surely add a few pics as a sneak peak.
top-Old Navy; skirt-Motherhood; shoes-Kmart
THURSDAY: I went right home and relaxed on the couch.
top-Old Navy; skirt-Avenue
I ran a few errands after work.. only to realize that I left something home that I wanted to return. So that means another trip. aaauugh!  I wasnt in love with the dye job, but its done.  I'll just have to get the hairdresser to fix it when I go next week.  But i did like my hair in this pic, eventhough it looks a little poofy, lol!
top-Avenue; black capris-Motherhood
After work I went to get my hair colored.  I wanted to get rid of the grey before my babyshower. (i know, it sounds pretty vain, lol).
top-Ashley Stewart; jean capris-Motherhood
and ofcourse I want to wish a special
Happy Birthday to Hubby ..
born on the Fourth of July!


Nefertiti said...

j aime bcp la premiere tenue je trouve que le turquoise te va tres bien en general d ailleurs

bon w end ;O)

Garichild said...

Look at the bellly!!! Love it!!!

Ummmm we gonna discuss this dying of the hair business, a straight scene from the movie "Baby Momma"!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Your hubby is a YANKEE DOODLE DANDY?!?!? That is awesome! Wish him a happy birthday for me! And sing him that song, "You're a yankee doodle dandy, a yankee doodle do or die! A real live nephew of your uncle Sam, born on the fourth of July!"