Friday, July 22, 2011

Rock Star Baby Shower - Pics Heavy

I decided on a Rock Star Baby Shower to celebrate our little bundle of joy.  The event was held at an upscale bowling alley called Mustang Alley. They have a private room that we used and there were not that many people because they cater to an evening crowd.  Hubby reserved a few lanes in case some of his friends wanted to bowl while the ladies were enjoying the shower games.

I designed the invitation and had it printed.  We used bright yellow metallic envelopes to send out the invitations.

I gathered most of the ideas for the baby shower from the below links. I know I know.. its not for a Valentine's Day party or a child's birthday party, but I loved the idea for a babyshower.. so we ran with it.

Here are the highlghts of the event. I really wanted to make a slideshow of all the pics. Maybe I will get to that this weekend.. we'll see, but no promises.
Team "Ryan" :These ladies were invaluable to planning and hosting our baby shower.  They contributed their money, time and ideas to the effort.  I love and appreciate them so much not just for what they did to make the shower a success, but for being such great friends to me and ofcourse the Hall Family :)
Yolanda, Kameel, Jamaica, Courtney and Cousin Nikki in front, lol
Deidra and Kameel

Decor: Since the theme was "rockstar" I tried to add a few different elements, but we still wanted to keep it "baby".  So if anything had a skull and cross bones, it was quickly deleted from the event.  We even had tattoos for everyone to wear, although I think only three people had one on. It was still a cute idea.  I chose a color scheme of red, orange and yellow. I got plenty of props - star shade sunglasses, inflatable microphones and guitars. We personalized soda and water bottles and we had orange and yellow cupcakes individually wrapped. Ron's mother made the flower centerpieces. But I think the highlight had to be the baby onesies that created a banner. Too too cute!


PhotoBooth: The photobooth was my brainchild.  It didnt really come off the way I wanted it to, but it was still fun.  I tried to get everyone to take a pic with the backdrop at they came in. And for the most part I got alot of pics. And some really funny pics too. 

Kameel and Mom Bernette (Grandma Benta)

Kameel and Ron's Mom - Grandma Claudette

My grandma and her sister (Aunt Berniece)                 Martha and Kameel
Some of the Fam!
The Book Club Members
Sorority Sisters          and         Coworkers

Games: The games were fun.  Im not really a fan of a bunch of different games at babyshowers (or bridal showers). One of my favorite games was Baby Bingo. But it was difficult to play with alot of people (the guest count was almost 80 people).  We still had a good time. 


Gifts: Ron and I were in awe at all the lovely gifts that we received.  It was truly a shower of kindness. We appreciated it sooo much.  

It was a great time!!! Im so grateful for my family and friends.

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