Friday, July 8, 2011

What an exciting evening!

Last night, I had a blast with BFF Courtney and Yolanda (and they both looked really cute, I wish I had taken a pic, but I didnt have my camera).  At the last minute yesterday, I got tickets to a sneak peak for the movie called The Help. 

I had read the book, so I was really excited to see the movie.  After a few gliches with getting in we were set and ready!  Although the movie was long, it was a nice treat. And most of the scenes were true to the book. 

Tonight - The BFFs and I are going to a Movie and Martini night hosted by a friend of ours.  The movie for tonight is "A Thin Line Between Love and Hate"  And I think there is some discussion after the movie.  I wont be having any martini's but the all you can eat part of the ticket price wont be that bad.

dress-Lane Bryant (last year for $9.99 at the end of the season)

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Pretty Fearless said...

You look great and your fashion sense must be very inspiring for expectant mothers as well as the rest of us.