Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Friday Update

Ok, so I havent been able to update daily as I would like.  But I've been pretty busy at work.  I have two important public meetings coming up, and I need to prepare my staff so that they can handle one of them on their own. And the other meeting, they will have to fully prepare for me when I come back.  So I've been spending alot of time getting them on the same page and catching up the new guy on my projects.

But here we are on another Friday. Although this Friday is definitely different from the last.  This one is expected to be a scorcher.. actually its supposed to be hot all weekend. Im really NOT prepared for this. Im not a fan of hot weather at all.  I much prefer the cold. 

FRIDAY: I told Hubby when I left for work this morning that I was feeling and looking cute today.  So he needs to take me out this evening.  Ofcourse he was all for it.  I like this dress. I think it fits my preggo bump really well.  I have the same dress in black - maybe you will see it next week. :)
dress-LaneBryant; shoes-Naturalizer; necklace-Laila Rowe
  THURSDAY: I love this dress (and plenty others). Point blank, Period!
dress-Ross, cardi-LaneBryant; shoes-Naturalizer

 WEDNESDAY: This shirt was a gift from one of my coworkers.  She gave me a bag of other stuff and I wear it often.  I have already offered to give my maternity items to another friend. 
cardi-LaneBryant; shirt-OldNavy Maternity; skirt-Motherhood; shoes-Naturalizer
  TUESDAY: I think this is my most comfortable tshirt these days.  Ok, who am I kidding.. these days, I love ALL tshirts. But only the stretchy and soft ones, lol.
tshirt-OldNavy Maternity; skirt-NY&Co
 MONDAY: I did actually like my outfit on Monday, but I didnt take a picture.  I will try to remember this coming monday, especially since I have to go to the doctor's office one a week now. 

SIDENOTE: I had a great time at the babyshower last weekend.  Im gonna try really hard to load some pics to the blog over the weekend. so check back and leave me plenty of comments :)


Nefertiti said...

j aime vraiment les deux premieres tenues !

bon w end ;O)

Akeisha Wright said...

I have enjoyed watching your pregnancy journey so far and must i say that you look beautiful pregnant and I will be waiting for the baby shower pics I wanna see the outfit...have a great weekend