Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midweek Style

I know that I have usually been posting at the end of the week, but I decided to do a mid week post today.

Today (Wednesday): I had a meeting today, but nothing fancy.  The meeting was more difficult than this look that I pulled together :) I have to go home tonight and pull something else together for tomorrow. 
This pic is a joke too.  If you could see all the mess and clutter surrounding me you would be shaking your finger at me.  But babies come with "STUFF" One of my sorority sisters came over last night and in addition to bringing her adorable son, she brought me all kinds of baby stuff - 2 bags of clothes, a sleeper/rocker, a swing and a vibrating chair.  So thats all piled up behind the camera. Not to mention the other stuff that I brought home from the baby shower that I just havent had a chance to find a location for - car seat (which needs to go in the car, lol), stroller, third bath tub (the other two are in the nursery) and a highchair (all these huge boxes are literally in the living room floor). BUT, I did make some progress last night - my sister came over and helped me pack my bag for the hospital.  I guess at 37 weeks, you have to start thinking about that stuff. I had a plan and a list of all the stuff that I wanted to put in the bag, and I actually had most of the items gathered (and around the house). 

Yesterday (Tuesday): I just pulled this look together.  It was a nice compliment to the sweltering heat. But I was pretty comfortable.


Andie said...

I packed my hospital bag this past weekend! I have to put a few more things in there, but the most important stuff is ready to go!

37 weeks means you're full term! So you could have baby hall any day now!

Anonymous said...

You look great in that dress!