Monday, July 4, 2011

Maternity Preview

Here is a little preview of the maternity pics that we took this weekend.  I actually took them myself. So I need to spend some more time with the editing process.  But I think they came out really nice.

Week 33 - Our little bundle of joy was the size of a pineapple as per I got Hubby to join in the fun on this Preggo Produce Pic.
MOMMY-top-OldNavy; capris-Motherhood. DADDY-top-Ralph Lauren Polo; jean shorts-??
 I decided to take a few pics with this lovely shirt that I got from Lane Bryant. 
I just had to show off my sexy legs, lol!

This is the dress that I will be wearing at our upcoming Baby Shower.  I wanted to take a few pics in the dress so I could do some Thank You cards after the shower.
I think Im gonna add this pic to the nursery.  I have a few others that I liked too that may go into the nursery.

Okay, and I took this one after I tried a few pics "in the buff".  I wasnt to pleased with how the "buff pics" came out,  but I liked the idea of the swim suit.  I love the water and hopefully little Ryan will like the water too.  He looks pretty big in this swimsuit.
Our weeknd was a blast! We spent part of it relaxing and part of it working on another project.  But it was productive and relaxing!


Nefertiti said...

tu es (vous etes ) splendide(s) ;O)

HelloNavyNurse said...

Kameel you are absolutely stunning! I love every pic especially the pineapple pic. I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend and can't wait to see you in that beautiful dress for the baby shower that is one of my favorite colors and it looks great on you! Ryan (with a Y) is so blessed to have an incredible mom like you and cool dad Like Ron! Love Robyn

Bajan Beauty said...

Hot mama! You did a great job taking these pics and your outfits all look great, very pretty! The pineapple pic is my favorite.

QueenDiva said...

Awww so beautiful!!! You have been rocking the preggo maxi... LOVE IT!!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

You are absolutely RADIANT! You are the perfect picture of pregnancy- I'm so glad this pregnancy is going well for you, too. You can tell Ryan is going to be very loved by his parents. :)

laniza said...

Oh wow! These are some awesome photos. I think my favorites are the maxi dress ones and you, hubby, and the pineapple.

misss_e said...

Aaaw you are radiant!!!! LOVE the pics...the bathing suit too!