Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yesterday and Today : Back to work

Its rough getting back to work after having a few days off.  I am regularly off on Monday.. and then we were off Tuesday for Election Day.. so getting back today was rough... and then, Im off on Friday to leave for our anniversary trip.  Needless to say, these two days at work are gonna be rough.. AND I have meetings both days. AARRGH! BUT - Im greatful to have a job.. And most days, I enjoy work. Thats important.

On to the fashion -
TODAY - My necklaces are a little wacky. But Im ready for my meeting.  When I bought this dress I had no idea that I would actually like it.  I got it for a great deal ($12) at One Stop Plus. I liked the cut so much I bought it in pink and brown too. But this is the first debut of the purple dress.
dress - OneStopPlus; tights-(Hue)Nordstrom; shoes-(NineWest)Macys; Necklaces-???
YESTERDAY (Monday)- I spent the day running errands.  I had to go vote! Then get a suitcase (borrowed from Cousin Nikki). Grab a bite to eat. Then I got my eyebrows threaded (chatted a little with Jamaica, she was at the salon too). Then I was off to the nail salon for a pedicure. Then I had to take BFF Court to pick up her car. Stopped at Micheal's. Grabbed some dinner... and I was finally home at 8:30p. I was pooped! and then I had to get ready for the next day .. and drop a few things in the suitcase for my trip. Let's just say it was a busy day yesterday. Sadly, with all those things to do, I had to reschedule my lunch/dinner date with my friend Martha.  I was a little bumbed about that. But she forgives me and we can do it another time.

jacket-BookClub Member Debbie; jeans-JCPenney; flipflops-Avenue; long sleeve tee-Target; necklace-my neice

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Renée T. Bouchard said...

Funny you chose purple- it's the color of Alzheimer's Awareness this month! Anyway, the dress looks great on you and you can't beat that price! :)