Monday, November 15, 2010

An unusual Monday

Have ya seen my latest feature??? well check out my friend Yolanda at Diva in Deep Thought. She did a post about the color mustard. In her post she did a roundup of her fav outfits in the blogosphere.. and I was included in the ranks! Thanks Yolanda!

SATURDAY: This weekend has been a whirlwind! What started out as a busy weekend has turned out to be a busier week.  I did a nice photoshoot for my cousin (Godbrother) and his wife on Saturday. I'll post the pics on a later post. Then I stopped past my mother's house because she wasnt feeling well (more details on this later).  Then I stopped at my Aunt's house to pick up some cleaning supplies. And then I went to a birthday party a day early, lol. Yea, my friend Jamaica was having a bday party for her son. I went on Saturday, but the party was on Sunday. too funny! Here is what I looked like running around the city.
top-Marshall's; denim jeggins-Lane Bryant Outlet (Loop 18, seriosu score for $3.99); boots-Avenue; purse-Cousin Nikki's closet; jewelry-random; watch-see details below
 Check out what Im using to tell time these days. Hubby snagged this exquisite time piece for me while we were on our anniversary vacay.  I had this watch on my Christmas list.. and I was gonna hold off and wait until then to wear it, but he said I could rock it now.. im sure there will be plenty other gifts under our fat tree, lol!

 My BFFs will be ecstatic that I have traded in my ultimate favorite watch in the whole wide world (black patent Casio Baby G-Shock) for this delightful white Fossil watch. Dont get to excited, you may see the black one again. I adore that watch. It was the first gift that Hubby ever got me.

 SUNDAY: I had planned to attend a wedding with Hubby, but my mother called before noon and wanted me to take her to the ER. What started as conjunctivitis (pink eye) about a month ago had gone misdiagnosed. When we got to the ER she was in severe pain. After they gave her medication for pain, she had to get a laser procedure to relive the pressure in her eye. This ordeal took all day, but atleast by the time I got her home and settled she was feeling much better (minus a little nausea from the pain meds). It was rough. But mom had some serious breakthroughs on healthcare and support from doctors and the medical profession.  She had a different perspective. I guess you could say it was an "eye opening experience"
There wasnt an outfit to show for all these errands.. sorry.

MONDAY: I HAD TO GO TO WORK! aaauugh! Yup, on my usual day off, I had to trek into work for a training. Luckily I knew about this training before I left for vacation so I was refreshed and well prepared to attend the training. Which was pretty good. Although I had to leave a noon to take Mom back for a follow up appointment. She is doing excellent! And we enjoyed a great lunch after the doctor's visit.  I still got home the same time I would have if I stayed at work all day.
purple sweater-Lane Bryant; black jeggins-JC Penney; crown necklace-gift from Hubby; sneakers-Nike; watch-Fossil

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I really love the white background of your blog. It is so clean and makes the photos pop.