Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day

I never really talk about "Hump Day". But thats mostly because it doesnt really apply in my life. Well in my work life. Since I work four days a week.. there is not really a midpoint to 4.. but since I have been working since Monday.. today is definitely a "hump day" Middle of the week... two more days to go. I can make it, lol!
cardi set-Dress Barn; slacks-?; shoes-Macys; watch-Fossil
LAST NIGHT: I went over to Cousin Nikki's house for another birthday celebration. Her son, Lil Garnet (I call him G-Booty, Lil G, and GG). He was so excited to celebrate his birthday and to show me all of his BeyBlades competions.  I had no idea what a BeyBlade was.. so he showed me and it took me a little while but I finally came around to the excitement of the competitions..

BeyBlade Battle
Then the fam all took pics with the birthday boy!
Happy Birthday Lil G!
Lil G and Big G
Mommy and Lil G
Taylor and Garnet II
If you will recall I offered some styling ideas for Cousin Nikki's Husband - Cousin Garnet. Well he took some of my advice and went out shopping. This is one of the looks that he got.
 All clothing was from Nordstrom (except watch and shoes)
shirt-Thomas Dean; jeans-7 for all mankind; shoes-To Boots New York; watch-Movado Diamond Visio
(yup, those are tags you see hanging.. he still hasnt worn the outfit yet - but I made him put it on so yall could see the look)

I thought the color of the shirt and the wash on these jeans was great. Buying these jeans has really made him look quite GQ. I hate to even tell you what kinds of jeans he was wearing before, but it was bad. They made him look so much older. Since this will be his leisure attire, now I think he looks alot more young and in line with the current fashion styles. But he doesnt look too young like a teenager. This look is quite age appropriate for a 40 year old executive! Now I gotta get him to buy a few new sweaters and maybe a sweater vest and I think his casual winter wardrobe will be set. I know he has a sport coat that he can pair with one of his shirts and these new jeans. Awesome look!

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Melissa said...

Wow, he looks so sharp in that shirt with those jeans! You did a great job styling him! And you look fantastic in your professional outfit too!

It looks like you had a great time with you family from all of the pictures!