Friday, November 19, 2010

Pumpkins and Mice

I went to happy hour with my sorority sister at this local spot that she had heard good things about. I had been there and I wasnt real excited about the place, but I wanted to spend time with her.. and this is where she wanted to go.So I am always in fro the team! We had a good time eventhough there wasnt a happy hour crowd at all. But during our hang out time, we chatted about situations that are a "farse" .. fake .. unrealistic.. She used the analogy of Cinderella - "pumpkins and mice". All that we see is really pumpkins and mice although it looks like a coach and coachmen. what looks like glitter aint gold and at midnight its all gonna change back to pumpkins and mice.  We laughed about pumpkins and mice all evening. It was a fun time.

Have you ever realized after an event that you were just experiencing pumpkins and mice because after midnight all that you saw was going to change?

inspired by A Pretty Penny: Straight to Plus
What I wore while being entertained by pumpkins and mice:
shirt-JCPenney; skrt-Burlington; boots-NineWest; belt-from another dress
When I bought this skirt, I had already seen how I was going to wear it. I saw this post by Keira at A Pretty Penny and I loved the look.  She got it from this post by Kendi Everyday. Definitely two stylish bloggers! Thanks ladies, Im glad I could grab a look from you. And I think that each of us added our own stamp of style when we wore it.  I love the pearls that I added and since it was a tad chilly, I added boots and tights.

How did I do? did I nail it?

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Nefertiti said...

je ne suis pas fan du leopart mais j aime bien l emsemble et la forme de ta jupe ;O)

bon dimanche