Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Up In the Air Review

So I finally got to see the movie Up In the Air with George Clooney. I thought I knew what the movie was about but I really was surprised by the movie. I mean, it was about a guy who travels the country and fires people for a living, which must be a difficult job especially during a recession. Who wants to hear that they are fired in these hard economic times. But I digress.
The part of the movie that I was most surprised about was the lesson that he learned. I had not expected that there was a good part to the movie. Although I thought the movie was really slow,
I still enjoyed it. I think that it really brought to light a lifestyle that I am not familiar with but I could genuinely sympathize with. I am very close and connected with most of the people in my life - family, sorority, bookclub, friends, etc. So I find in interesting to meet people who are not connected to people at all for whatever reason. And the Clooney character seemed so genuine when talking to the people he had to fire, there was no way that you would think that he was not sincere. I guess thats what it means to be good at what you do. Clooney truly made the people feel inspired, and tapped into the most vulnerable sides of people. Did he truly understand those soft sides of people because he didnt really seem to have that soft side of his own? He was totally disconnected from the rest of the world and stuck in the routine of his traveling life. His goal was only to get to the next destination but there was no inbetween. I guess this is why I could sympathize with him, because he has no idea what he is missing by being so disconnected.
And for those that saw the movie, what do you think happened in the end? After he showed up at the lady's house and saw that she had a family. I am sure he was devastated. Do you think that made him go back into the shell of a lifestyle that he was living before she awakened something in him to make him want to finally settle down? What are your thoughts? What did he do?
In honor of the world travelers and all the flying time in the movie (which the cinematography was awesome), I wore my parisian inspired skirt today.
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Blue Parisian Inspired skirt - Macys
Yellow cowl neck sweater - Ashley Stewart
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Anonymous said...

Hi there ,
I found the movie Up in the Air to be pretty depressing. I think in the end he went right back to his old ways. If you want to see a good Oscar movie see Avatar or The Blind Side! Just my humble opinion!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I have not seen Up in the Air, but I agree with Anonymous that The Blind Side and Avatar (especially in 3D) were really good movies. Avatar was especially good, not because of the script or the plot or the acting, but because of the fact that it changed the way we see movies and the way movies are made. Alice in Wonderland was also really good.

Bianca said...


I loved, loved Up in the Air - I think it was the deepest film I watched all year. Really gave me lots of things to think about.

It was so amazing because in reality how different are our own desires and wishes for material things? You know, they framed it in this way that was so ridiculous (reaching a number of miles) but if you stop and think about it???

I totally believe that him giving up all his points to get his sister and brother the honeymoon AND him writing that nice note for the young lady showed that he was moving into a new kind of version of his life. It was like he couldn't go forward, and couldn't go back. I think people probably interpret the movie's end differently.

I was so pleased to see a film that offered a subtle message and something NEW. It was quiet and thoughtful and really well done - in my opinion of course. ;-)

misss_e said...

I loved the movie. I love George in everything anyways but the whole idea of fire people and being so disconnected from the impact that your presence has made on not just one person but a family is huge! The affair killed me as well...but I figured she was married.

Maria said...

For me the movie was just OK. I get it, and I get what it's trying to say and I think in the end he does change his way of thinking. After all, he does walk in to the airport and just chooses to fly for a reason other than work. So yeah, I didn't think it was truly spectacular or anything. I also find George Clooney totally annoying. He's so cocky, although for this role, he was perfect.