Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grey skies coming at you

I got this skirt a few weeks ago while shopping at Target with Hubby. I couldnt decide which color I liked best and since hubby was buying I had to choose one, LOL. If it was MY money, I would have gotten all the colors. I saw that BBM has the same skirt (different color) in this post. I was thinking, aawwwwll, we think alike, lol~ But this skirt is perfect and very very comfortable. I will surely be able to wear it all summer... Does anyone else have this skirt? I would love to see how you styled it.. send me pics.. and I will do a recap!

I need a few more tops to compliment this skirt. I am really thinking about buying some tank tops and trying to embellish them with flowers and ribbon which is all the rage now in TheGap, Banana Republic, and even eShakti. I want one bad! has anyone seen a DIY project for those shirts. It seems easy enough and I think it would be perfect with this skirt and more like it.
Today's Outfit
grey print skirt - Target
black tshirt - OldNavy
khaki cardi - FashionBug
These are some of the tshirts I am trying to make.
I LOOOOOVE MY FOLLOWERS... and readers.. THANKS ladies for those blog links. I cant WAIT to try some of these.. I am going to ask my grandmother for some of the scrap fabric at her senior center.. thats FREE!!!!! (ok ok .. I will make a donation, lol)


Maria said...

I really like that skirt. I haven't gone to Target in over a month, but my shopping ban is almost over and I'll go soon.maybe they'll be in the clearance rack by then.

EvaNadine said...

the lovely ladies over at academichic have done a few of these DIY tutorials using tees and cardis:

Bianca said...

This blog doesn't update too often, but if your scroll through it, she has some really cute ideas!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Madeline at Uber Chic for Cheap did a really great embellished tee not too long ago:

Good luck- I'm curious to see what you do.

Nefertiti said...

MERCI pour le traducteur !!!!

je craque pour les deux derniers tops,extra ;O)

Ashley Louise said...

The skirt is beautiful. I'm a sucker for grey clothing! Those DIY tops are super cute and easy to do. I remember getting really into them when I was in Jr. High. Seventeen mag. did a feature on them and my best friend and I were all over that! haha! Look at Anthropologie too. They had some pretty ones for inspiration as well!

Vaia said...

Love this outfit!