Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MaMa, I want to Siiiiing!

So I watched alot of tv last night.
FIRST was Operation Repo - Seriously, that show is hilarious. Why do these people act like they have been paying their car payment and they have no idea why the repo man is at their door? They KNOW that they havent paid the bill.. but it sure makes for funny reality tv.

SECOND was American Idol - I am still totally disappointed with Casey. He is really cute and all and he did a pretty good job with the John Mayer song, but I am so over him.. I hope America can see through his pretty smile, nice hair and cute face - and recognize that he cant sing that well. Now on the other hand, I love Lee's voice. He reminds me of Elliot Yamin from another season of Idol. I really hope he wins. But I wont be mad if Crystal wins. She rocks~

THIRD was GLEE - How can anyone not love Glee? That show is too too funny. But I wasnt that impressed with last night. Doogie Howser ([Neil Patrick Harris] i know, i am really showing my age here) didnt do anything for the show, but his number with the teacher was so good! OMG, and I was totally surprised to realize that the teacher from Vocal Adrenaline was Rachel's momma. I hope that boyfriend doesnt hurt Rachel for real. They are so cute together.

Ok, thats it for the tv updates.
I watch all those different music shows and I cant sing a bit. But I sure wish I could. And the fact that I cant doesnt stop me from singing either. I sing aaaaalll the time. Whenever I feel the urge, I bust out in song! I can remember my mother telling me along time ago when I was in elementary school.... you just sing baby, even if no one wants to hear it, lol... and so I do!!!

Today's Outfit
Gold sandals - Payless
Blue skirt - LaneBryant
Turquoise tank - LaneBryant
Blue shrug - LaneBryant
White Jacket (worn to my meeting) - Avon
Ivory Rose Necklace - Rue 21 or some Junior store

And I want to send a big
today is her 30th Birthday... and its a BIG DEAL!!!
... enjoy those vegan cupcakes!


Nefertiti said...

I'm uber fan of your outfit for the rest not quite understand, you would not put a quick google translator french english ...

good evening

misss_e said...

Oh thanks babe! Im going for the real thing vegan! LOL Im feeling that skirt. Is that Lane Bryant 2010? They have some sexy shoes Im buying myself for my birthday!

Monique said...

That is such a cute skirt!

Bianca said...

I love this outfit! SO pretty - and you look very happy in the outfit!

Oh, for some more singing doogie:

Maria said...

I love this outfit. The color is very pretty and flattering on you. I'm a huge fan of Glee too, and I agree, I was kind of expecting more out of NPH.