Monday, May 17, 2010

The Birthday Edition

First I just want to say Thank you - Thank you - Thank you, for all of your kind words and prayers for me and my family. Last week was a pretty rough time for our family. We are still in the emergency stage and soon we will begin the rebuilding. Its a process, and I am so grateful for all of your support! Thanks Ladies, thanks so much!

Well, if you didnt know before, I thought I have said it a million times,
Birthdays are a Big DEAL!!!

My little cousin, Alice, was the youngest to loose her belongings in the fire. She lives at my grandparents house with her mom and dad (and brother and sister) who also help to take care of our grandparents. But her things were lost in the fire and today is her 10th birthday .. so the family did as much as we could to make her birthday special, even given the circumstances. We celebrated on Sunday. Little Alice, loves her teddy bears, most of which were lost in the fire, or too smoke filled to be saved.

So I got Alice a new outfit to wear for the day. We had a full day of activities planned.

Alice's Sunday Birthday Outfit

All from Target
black ballet flats, striped tights, black flouncy skirt with pockets, pink and black heart tshirt

My Sunday Outfit
Black sandals - Payless
Black studded leggins - Macys
Black and white graphic top - Macys
and a well overdue, new hair do, lol!

The day started with a trip to Build-a-Bear. Aunts and cousins all joined in the fun! Alice got to make her own bear, and because it was her birthday she got to make two - Hello Kitty and a Jonas Brothers dog. She was so excited~and so were we.

After Build-a-Bear, we went back to my aunt's house for a family cookout! There was food galore and a giant chocolate chip cookie to celebrate the occasion. Fun times were had by all!

Miss E at Plum Proper will be celebrating her 30th Birthday this week too! Big shout out to the upcoming birthday girl!!!!


Jan said...

A very happy belated b/day to a lovely little girl Jan xx

Onika said...

This post made me cry like a baby!In a good way :) What a beautiful little girl :)

Nefertiti said...

Alice is too cute and cuddly toys that even a hello kitty, cool

Happy birthday of Luxembourg for Alice ;O)

Taylor said...

Alice is absolutely adorable! I bet you made her feel so special on her birthday!

Vaia said...

You look super cute here! And your niece is beautiful! My heart goes out to you and your family in this time. Stay strong together and you will make it through :)

misss_e said...

looks like she had a blast! Im going to celebrate myself! I have been out of the loop but Im back and glad to be!

Dannie said...

I love small kids birthdays! HOW CUTE!

Your FIT is cute as well!