Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I been gone for a minute but Im back again ...

HEY YAAAALLLLL!!! I know, I've been gone for a minute, hopefully not forgotten. I know how quickly new fashion bloggers come on the scene, hopefully I am still in your blog rolls.

Today was my first day back to work. And back to my regular routine.
Today's Outfit
shoes - FashionBug
skirt - Anthropologie
striped shirt - Old Navy
jacket - Target
Where have I been, you ask??? Well I was off again on another mini-vacation. And if you havent noticed, thats what I love to do.. vacation! I like to go someplace every few months, even if for a small weekend vacation/getaway. April just so happened to be a month when I vacationed twice in one month, first to Memphis.. and then this trip...
Where did I go, you ask?? I went on a bus trip to Connecticutt (dreaded the drive back home,aaaauugh!). We spent 4 days and 3 nights at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. One of the evenings out, we went to the Mohegun Sun Casino. I didnt win alot of money but I did win a few pennies. I was happy. I wasnt to pleased with the food choices at Foxwoods, but we dined like Queens at the Mohegan where the selections were much better. Another drawback was the smoking. There was still plenty of smoking at the casino so I didnt spend much time there.
My outfits were pretty laid back and chill.

Tuesday Outfit (not pictured)
grey sweatsuit
Wednesday Outfit (see above)
Jeans - LaneBryant
Black tshirt - from Hubby
Green cardi - FashionBug
Denim Jacket
Thursday Outfit (see above)
Jeans - AshleyStewart
Grey striped shirt - Avenue
Pink sweater - LaneBryant
Friday Outfit (not pictured)
red sweatsuit
Updated LadyLike - Lucky Wardrobe Challenge
So yea, I guess I missed a bookclub post as well. But this was my outfit for the last book club meeting. It was the last saturday in April, so I pulled out my last look from the Lucky Wardrobe Challenge.

Updated LadyLike Outfit
black slides - NineWest
Full floral skirt - FashionBug
Striped shirt - OldNavy
Statement necklace - Macys


MuSiCmAdNeSs said...

Nice Feet!

Nefertiti said...

j aime bcp la premiere tenue superbe association de couleurs et de formes de vetement ;O)

Bianca said...

Awww! I looks like you had a fun time. I wanted to visit the Mohegan after seeing it on an episode of Runs House LOL.

Love the floral and stripes! Very pretty. :-)

QueenDiva said...

Boy were you missed. I was like... where has see gone?!!! Well... you look great. Hope all is well... sign up for my giveaway before Thursday... :)
I know you are like the lucky duck who wins them all...

Sak said...

u r still in my blog roll and u will always be ..I love to go like this every now and then...U look pretty in all yre outfits...I don't like, when people smoke in enclosed space...

Beth said...

Never forgotten. So glad your back. Missed hearing the second verse of this song- lol. You look great

BBM said...

hey LOVE!!! how could i forget about u? r yah kiddin me? take as much vacations girl ... us workin ladies deserve it! and u look supa cute in all ure outfits! ;-)

Dannie said...

I like this look!!