Friday, May 21, 2010

Gearing Up for the Weekend!

Im looking forward to the weekend. Although I need to do some serious cleaning in the bathroom and my guest room and folding/put away laundry... Im still looking forward to the weekend, besides all that other stuff (which may or may not get done).

Tonight I am going to see one of my little cousins go to the prom. You know these "family/friend prom gatherings" are a big deal these days.. and I am happy to be apart. This cousin is on my dad's side, so I dont get to see them often.. this will be nice. Then I will go past and see my grandparents. They are staying in the same general area as my cousin's house.

Then on saturday, I get to hang out with one of my good friends in Annapolis (eating ofcourse) and then we are gonna go to the Curve Appeal Fashion Show where I get to meet Diva in Deep Thought. If I had not mentioned, which I may not have, but Curve Appeal is a plus size consignment shop in the GlenBurnie/Annapolis area. I havent been there yet but I hear great things about this store. Diva in Deep Thought was the one who suggested to her readers about the store. I told my girlfriend about it, and well the rest is history.

Then Sunday, I guess I will finish all the house chores that I started... maybe, lol!
Today's Outfit
white skirt - LaneBryant
pink tshirt - OldNavy
necklace - some trendy junior store
sandals - NineWest
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MuSiCmAdNeSs said...

My Baby looking all cute today! Heeeeeeey!

QueenDiva said...

First... you look fabulous... second... I loved meeting your friend Martha and can't wait to meet you on Saturday. I am just a bundle of nerves... I think we gonna have a blast...

Beth said...

cute skirt. I have a similair one. I wear it with a white tee shirt. I never thought of pairing it with pink...hum

BBM said...

aaaawwww i wanna meet u mrs. hall!!!! u look amazing in maxi skirts girl ... uve inspired me!


cant wait to see pics with ms. diva! how exciting!

misss_e said...

Loving this look! Its my staple in the summer!