Monday, September 10, 2012

Ravens - Before and After

So the weekend was great!!! I had nothing planned and I did nothing... isnt that awesome?!
After running for the last couple of weeks (months), with packed schedules during the week and the weeeknds... relaxing with nothing planned was really nice!

... AND there was a RAVENS WIN!!!!!! Awesome game.
(NOTE: NO, Im not really a football fan, but I like to support "positive collective thought" ... and its exciting supporting my city's football team - GO RAVENS!!)

I was prepared today to support the team win tonight.
I had a meeting today, so I pulled out the "professional purple", lol.
Dress-Avenue, Jacket-LaneBryant

And I was prepared on Purple Friday in preparation for the game.
Tshirt-?; Jeans-LaneBryant

I wore this on Thursday.

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Benita said...

I love that skirt. It looks slimming on you.