Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekend Ahead - Labor Day Holiday

Im sure that I've mentioned before, but I have a work schedule where Im usually off on Mondays. And, well this monday when everyone else will also be off.... i dont like it, lol. Ok ok... but I do like to be off on Mondays when no one else is off. I get so much done.. (least of which is rest, Im usually running errands).

Maybe this monday will be different. I can spend the day with my honeys - relaxing. We dont have any other plans for the weekend.

Tomorrow Im off too, and I plan to go to Happy Hour with some coworkers that I havent spent time with in awhile. It should be a fun night.

But for today ...
I found this skirt at JCPenney and its waaaay to big (to long AND to big in the waist).  I wont even tell you how its "jimmy-rigged" BUT - I like how it turned out.

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