Thursday, August 23, 2012

As he grows - 12 months

Twelve Months
Weight:about 22 pounds
Diaper Size: 3
Drinks: 4-6oz at each feeding but has added juice and regular milk to his feedings; Ryan still likes to eat but he is noticing food texture.  He can clearly tell you when he has finshed eating, he will just spit it back out. no throwing - just open wide and release, lol. He has 4 teeth and one more coming in on the bottom. One of the top teeth sent Mommy to the ER with a sick baby and a high fever of 104. But two days later - Ryan was back to himself, playful and happy!
Wearing: 12 months (and he should be wearing some 18 months too)

I still remember the night before and the days leading up to delivery. It was exciting and nervous and I knew in a moments time, all things in my life would change forever,

well it did.. they changed, this time last year, we welcomed a tiny baby boy to the world ... (and then there was an earthquake, lol)

Im happy to make this post, to celebrate the birth of my baby boy, Ryan Lee Hall. On August 23, 2011 at 12:48p he finally arrived! I still recall having to have my labor induced since he was already a little over a week overdue... (pitocin was the eviction notice, lol)

And today, this baby has brought so much joy and happiness to everyone that he meets. He is so filled with excitement, and love - just as I prayed for all of the days of my pregnancy. Ryan has come to this world to do great things and be a great person.. and in his little 12 months he has already accomplished love, peace, joy and happiness for all who he encounters. I have seen it. He has brought together family members that were not getting along, he has brought smiles to the elderly, and the sick, he has softened the heart of the anxious and weary. He has truly been a light to all he meets. And I love him dearly!

Ryan's birthday party celebration will be this weekend, and surely there will be plenty of pics!

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Andie said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan! :) It has been so much fun watching our boys grow up! :) he's only about an hour older than Andrew! :)