Thursday, August 30, 2012

The shoes and the blues

The Featured Shoes - So I purchased these shoes when I went on my Overnight Weekend with the BFFs.

I thought these shoes were the peeeerfect purchase, so I decided to do a week of outfits inspired by these shoes. I wanted to showcase them with all their cuteness!!

... and then - the blues ... I wore them to work on the first day of the outfit inspiration week .. and I FELL IN THE PARKING LOT AT WORK!!! - yes, actually hit the ground and everything. BUT, I was fine.. no imminent pain. So I continued with my day. HOWEVER, the next day my body ached all over! and my ankle was a wreck (luckily it was only one ankle this time.. last time this happened, I was messed up in BOTH ankles).

At any rate - I still took pics with the shoes, so here goes.
Aug 3
- featured shoes-

Aug 2
- other shoes -

Aug 1
- featured shoes -

July 31
- other shoes -

NOTE : I wore the shoes and another pair of shoes during the week. I wasn't sure I could make it all week it the featured shoes.  The featured shoes have since been shipped to a good home.. I no longer own them!

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