Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend of Baby Showers

Back to work after a weekend that was filled with babyshowers and they were all on the same day.  Can you imagine .. I had a real busy day since I was part of the planning committe for both.  But it was fun!
And now, this week - I have to start planning my baby shower for July!
(Dont even ask - YES, I will be planning my own baby shower.  Im a control freak and I want to be apart of the process... so just let me do it please... and thank you, lol)

dress-NY&Co; Shoes-Avenue; Necklace-Lane Bryant
Cousin Derek and Cousin April's Baby Shower Cousin Derek and CousinApril's Baby Shower was a Giraffe Theme.  It was filled with lovely colors.  I love a good time spent with my family.  We got Derek a tshirt that reads "The Man Behind the Belly" ... but we werent sure if it was HIS belly.. or HER belly, lol!! that was the running joke during the shower.


Trina's Baby Shower
We had an excellent Raven's Theme Babyshower for my sorority sister Trina.  We were the referees for the event, with yellow flags and all.  There were some really fun games and prizes.  We had a blast and Trina got some nice gifts.  Her cake was adorable..and specially made for the event.

 It was a busy weekend.. but fun!

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