Friday, May 20, 2011

Preggo Produce

I havent posted any preggo produce pics in a few weeks.  One week I couldnt find the produce (a rutabaga.. but I didnt really look hard cuz Grandma said a rutabaga looks like a turnip, and my Grandfather used to eat them all the time.  I just remember them being a little smelly, lol.) And the next week, I definitely couldnt find an English hot house cucumber.. but another website had an alternative.. an eggplant.  I just never found the time (or the right outfit, lol .. ssshhhh!) to take the pic.

But for today, Im ready - clearly at the end of Week 27. But this week, Baby Hall (ManLee) weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with his legs extended.
dress-Ashley Stewart; shoes-Ross; cardi-LaneBryant; necklace-from Martha
I dont really have much planned for this weekend.  I really want to complete my baby registry.  Ron has a few events that he wants us to attend - 40th birthday party on saturday and change the locks at the rental property.  Im not sure that I really want to do either. But, I guess I'll be there.  However, he needs to compromise, cuz I want to get that registry done!  I could have completed it long ago, but he wants to have some fun clicking all the things "he thinks he" will need for the baby.  That's fine, I can indulge him, lol!
This week or next week most likely, I want to have a location reserved for my baby shower.  This location and list have slightly caused frustration for some folks in my circle.  But Im not worried at all.  I know that it will be all that I want it to be, so no worries.  I guess the location selection (and reservation) is just not happening fast enough for some on the committee.  But its all good. What one person cant handle.. thats why I have others.  And those folks are more than willing to deal with my sometimes craziness and indecisiveness (although, I happily - although frustrated- put up with craziness and indecisiveness from everyone pretty much all the time, you would think that folks would have some sympathy sometimes, oh well!)


FashionAddict said...

You look super gorgeous, lady!!! Love those colors and the print on that dress. :)

Nefertiti said...

TRES jolie tenue ;O)

bon w end !