Friday, May 6, 2011

The week in Review

Well not really a full week. But you get the idea...
TUESDAY: So I spent the weekend with Cousin Nikki's little ones.  We went out and did a little shopping for the babyshowers that I have coming up.  And I wrapped them up all nice. But I still gotta go out and get a gift for my mother to take to the shower too, lol.
jacket-JC Penny; dress-NY&Co
 THURSDAY: It was a pretty quiet day at work. But I got some really good news on a project I have been working on.  I was pretty darn excited when I got the letter back with the signatures of approval.  It was a very rewarding experience!!! A great sense of accomplishment for me and my team.
black capris - Motherhood; sweater-Lane Bryant; necklaces - NY&Co
 FRIDAY: And today.  Im just happy and looking forward to the weekend.  I had a rough evening last night... I was supposed to be getting my hair done with a new stylist, but she was totally overbooked and had me waiting for almost 2 hours. When I saw that there was no end in sight, I had to reschedule.  Im supposed to go back on Saturday - we'll see. That experience had me really upset and frustrated.  Im doing much better today.
tshirt-OldNavy; jean capris-Motherhood; jacket-Lane Bryant
So its purge time this weekend.  I have my Grandma and Aunt Rita coming over to help get me organized for the baby.  Hopefully, I can get a few pics of the nursery when its all done.. I took some before pics but yall would be appalled to see the mess and disarray in that room. Im even a little embarressed to show you.  But atleast the transformation will be AWESOME!!! I cant wait to show you.

Welcome to my few new readers.  Thanks for joining my small area of the world. Welcome again!! ... and Leave a Comment too.

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