Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Delight

Hubby really surprised me for my Pre Mother's Day.  I knew that he was going to buy something.. but I had no idea it would be a lovely bracelet from Tiffany's.  My first blue bag... how darling!

After waking to a lovely gift. Hubby and I spent the evening at a cookout with My mother, Cousin Nikki and Nikki's mom (My aunt Ethel).  We had a great time.
top-Marshal's; studded skiny jeans-Motherhood; bracelet-Tiffany's
I had a rough time sleeping last night.  I think it was a little case of insomnia.  I have been cleaning and purging all weekend and now I have my computer in my bedroom.  Well needless to say, that computer (and Hubby's snoring) kept me up all night.  The house is getting back in order after a weekend of cleaning in preparation for Baby Hall.  There are a few things out of place, hence the reason why I am taking my pics in a different location. 
top-LaneBryant; skirt-Motherhood; shoes-Avenue
I did finally get my hair done at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning and I was very pleased with the outcome.  Im sure that my sister will tell me if she likes it better yesterday (curly) or today (a little straighter because I didnt pin curl it last night, lol).


Nefertiti said...

j aime bcp la premiere tunique et tjr un sourir formidable,merci ! ;O)

Anonymous said...

You look adorable and I'm glad the little one is progressing so well. Take care.