Thursday, May 12, 2011

I missed a day

I hope I dont make this a habit.. but I guess weekly posts are fast approaching for my new lifestyle.  We'll see ... lol
dress-OldNavy Maternity (gift from coworker); shoes-Avenue
After work today, I have to run a few errands.  This should be an interesting adventure.  I need to go to my old house to check on things and get the keys from the current tennant. Also, supervise my Aunt as she gets her items out of the house.  As I said ... "interesting adventure".
top-Garden Collection, H&M; cargos-Motherhood; necklace-Burlington
At some point this week I need to pick up a baby shower gift for my mom to take to Cousin April and Derek's shower this weekend.  I guess I can get that done tomorrow. I should have done it yesterday, but oh well.  Tomorrow Hubby is taking me to dinner before we loose one of our Groupons at a local resturaunt.  We have been there before, but when you have a discount, it doesnt hurt to take another trip, especially when its pretty tasty!


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misss_e said...

Awww you are glowing! Love the top!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

I love that dress! :)
Hope you had fun at dinner- I love Groupon. Bargains are so great!