Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainbows Ahead - Yellow

Just a normal day at the office.
top-JCPenney; brown capri-?

... And then there was SUNDAY!
The afternoon started off with a charity benefit for Muse 360 which is a nonprofit Dance Group.
... and then there was ... dinner at Kona Grill before the main event ...
The New Edition Concert
dress-AshleyStewart; purse-Aldo; shoes-Avon

Sure, I've had this dress on before. and Each time I wear it, I think its even more awesome!!
I went with Cousin Nikki to the New Edition Concert. We had great seats (after we actually settled in). And we had an even better time.  Those guys put on an awesome show and that Bobby Brown - well, they kept him in the show for a reason.. comedic humor.  The other guys didnt miss a beat. They we all on point and those good ole songs brought back the fun times of puppy love and screaming teenagers! Fun Times, Indeed!!!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that dress on you!

Jeneca Luckey said...

What a great outfit, you look beautiful!