Friday, May 18, 2012

Bet on Black - Atlantic City (first trip)

Atlantic City is TOOOOOTALLY different!
My friend, Jamaica and I found a great mini vacay on Goupon for a weekend at The Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  If you havent been to AC in awhile, its actually fun and can be a relaxing place to visit.

We went to Happy Hour at Izakaya and then we had tickets to the Comedy Club

White Jeans - Aunt Rita's closet; Top-Marshall's (Jessica Simpson - $14.99 SCOOOORE!!!);

Jamaica wore an adorable white/creme sequin shirt (Anthropologie) with a starburst design and fitted jeans (DL Jeans-South Moon Under).

Then we spent the next day at the spa.
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Yall know I had on a bangin bathing suit.. but my head was a MESS!!! .. so no pic :(

Finally we did a little shopping and then headed home.

top-OldNavy; jeans-LaneBryant

Jamaica wore a dolman sleeve (Anthropologie) printed top and jeans (Citizens for Humanity - Nordstrom).

Short and Sweet! ... we'll be back to AC soon (literally)

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Timothy Johnsons said...

Great story. You really had a great atlantic city travel.