Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That Special Day ... Every Year

Happy 35th Birthday to MEEEE!
I had a nice list of things to do today ... and I actually got most of it knocked out..

Hubby and I played hookie from work today because we already had a babysitter.. so its a perfect opportunity to celebrate my birthday, together.

First up was Brunch with Hubby at Miss Shirley's

On our way home to get Hubby's cellphone that he left, I tried to cross off another item on my list - "buy new pair of sneakers" we stopped at the sneaker store but they didnt have much that I liked, and the one pair i liked was to big. BUT - I did buy a pair of sneakers for Ryan, lol. We got him a pair of little Jordans. Cute!

Next up we went to the bank - I save all the dollar bills with the letters in my name and then on my birthday _ I take my cash to the bank! This year I had $350 .. NICE!!!

Then we went to the car dealer - the goal was to test drive a new car.. but I had a good mind to buy it if i liked it.. and well, i liked it - so its MINE!!! Now since I had to settle for a "man car" (black truck with black leather interior - nothing girlie about that) I need to "trick" it our in a girlie way.... Im already looking at getting a custom steering wheel and maybe a bling liscence plate (but then Hubby wont even want to drive the truck, lol - so we'll see)

We left the car dealer - pimping!!! ... and went to Happy Hour at Flemings Steakhouse with a few of my family and friends.. a fun evening. Hubby and I were home by 8:30p

Great Birthday Celebration .. Im sure there will be other events this month!

 top-Marshalls (on vacation); belt-FashionBug; jeans-LaneBryant (loooove these!!!); necklace-LB

Hubby was in the corner - "counting my cheese" while I took a few pics for the blog.
And yes, the baby has taken over the middle of the living room floor with his play area :)

And this is my new ride - 2008 Saab 9-7x


Taylor said...

Wow, what an awesome birthday! Cash, a new ride (which is awesome in and of itself), happy hour? This shall be my list for my birthday come August. By the way - love the bangs on you! And that belt is way cute.

misss_e said...

Thats very very very sexy. LOL

misss_e said...

Oh and happy belated birthday!