Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridal Shower Fun - NYC

So we drove up and back in one day... yup!
It was a rough drive but it was all worth it to see the love and happiness on the face of the "Bride to Be"!
top-elloqui; jean trousers-JCPenney
My sorority sister Robyn met me at my house for the ride up to NYC.  We met two other sorors at the park and ride lot for our trip.  I spent a gazillion dollars on snacks for the ride!
... and look who snuck in the pictures with their mouth open, lol.. but Auntie Robyn was all smiles.

And the sorors with the lovely "Bride to Be"!


From WTB to MTB...Robyn's having a Baby!!! said...

Aww we had a god time and funny now I see my Glow!! Who would've that uncomfortable ride home contributed to some little person growing inside of me!! Lol------- Ryan's getting another cool friend!! Love ya Soror friend!!

From WTB to MTB...Robyn's having a Baby!!! said...

I should have proofed my entry :(

Anonymous said...

That baby is growing so fast and he is so beautiful.