Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eloquii Review

Not sure if you all have seen it BUT, there is a new SITE in TOWN
They are a breakout from The Limited.  I wasnt sure how I was going to like thier clothing, mostly becasue its so classic and there are not many trendy pieces.  I was confident that the quality would be good, since I know what The Limited quality is like.  And I was also nervous about the cost... I know that The Limited can be pricey.

So, eloquii had a nice sale (spend $150 save $50) around the holiday time, and I jumped on it.. and then they had another sale - ($20.12 on all sweaters), so I jumped again ... and then they had another sale (all outerwear $49.99) - sad to say, I missed this one.  But hopefully my "coat fairy" saw the email I sent him and he will grant atleast one of my wishes... we shall see.

I think the Eloquii line is nice. Its definitely a classic look, similar to a Talbots or Anne Taylor.  The few pieces that are considered "fun and trendy" are a not really my choice or taste.  I like to stick to the classic pieces and then pair them with trendy (less expensive) items from other stores.  The Eloquii line is the perfect choice for the working professional.  The choices for classic suit and office styling are really nice.  I think that the sizing runs small.  I ordered 14/16 for my tops and 18 bottoms, which is what I usually purchase when shopping plus size stores.  But I had to return everything and get 18/20 sweaters and 20 bottoms. Still not sure if the 20 bottoms will fit, we'll see.  Also, all the sleeves on the sweaters i purchased are short - 3/4 length. I was surprised to learn this, but not to bothered by it.
PROS - I really like the quality. I really like the classic styling.
CONS - I think the sizing runs small. The sleeves are short.

So here is what I purchased in my haul, with small commentary on the items that I have worn:

 These were really cute, but I had to return them because they were a little more snug than I like.
So I returned and got a larger size. I also purchased the tanks to match.  I should have ordered the purple one too...I think Imma add it to my cart.

 I really ordered these because of the orange one... I loved it. I got the brown one just because I needed to buy extra to get the discount. 

 GORGEOUS!!! Love Love these... These colors are my sorority colors so I knew I would get good use out of these.  The sleeves are still 3/4 length, which is different but not bad.

 FA REAAAALLL - this was a beautiful purchase. And yes, the sleeves are 3/4. Basically the pics are decieving, look at how its scrunched at her elbows.  This would lead someone to think that the sleeves are long.
 I adored this. And when BFF Courtney saw this, she wanted one too.. so when they went on sale again, I snagged her one too. I hope she likes it as much as I do.  I want to find a red skirt or maybe my red jeans to wear this with too..
 Im not sure that these are going to fit. I bought a size 18, but they were a little to snug for me. I returned them for a size 20, but we'll see. Since they are on sale, Im not sure they will be in stock. I especially like the red one.

I grabbed this one just cuz it was cute.. but Im still not sure how I will wear it.

Here is what Im wishing for:
 FA REAL - you know these shirts are sexy as haaaaiiilll!!!.. I couldnt decide on which color I like best. And I reaaaallly want an Obi Belt.
 Im not sure about the length on these sleeves. But I hope they are long sleeve. The color on this jacket is perfect for spring. And the other jacket is just too too caauute! Cant you see me in these??

 I already have a classic trnch, but the quality is not that good. Its stays wrinkled.
I think this one would be perrfect for me.

The jewelry below is pretty self explanatory - its nice! I likey!

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Alicia Sherod said...

I recently discovered Eloquii and I'm in LOVE! I have placed 3 orders in the last month alone. I can't speak for the choices available when the site started, but they certainly have tons of trendy pieces available now. Aside from that, they have some of the same pieces from The Limited, just in plus size. They have yet to fail me and I will continue to shop there. Excellent pieces + awesome deals = guaranteed shopper.