Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its been a long time, but Im back again!

Yes, once again I am back to the regular program. I had an excellent time on my various vacations for this month.  But sad to say.. its all over.. now is time to buckle down and get ready for baby.  I have so much cleaning to do. And nursery decor to work on. And then ofcourse I need to work on a baby registry and a baby shower (yup, im all involved with the planning of this event. No surprises!)
tank-LaneBryant; cardi-Nordstrom; skirt-Motherhood; shoes-Ross

The weekend was really nice. I will post a few pics and details of the trip in a folloaing post. But for today, Im back at work and it was a pretty nice day today.  Hubby saw me this morning, and he loved myoutfit. He mentioned that you all would really like my shoes, lol! I got a good laugh at that.

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