Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its almost the weekend.

Its almost the weekend ... and I am excited to relax tomorrow after work.  Yea, sure, I have plenty of things that I could be (and need to be) doing. But naaaah, I think I will just relax on the couch.  Unless I get a random burst of energy.. who knows.
top-Old Navy; pants-maternity from my coworker; necklace-??
Then on Satruday, I get to hang out with Cousin Nikki's children.  She has an event to attend, so I get to play "babysitter". Although, Im sure that My Little Ladybug - Taylor, will be babysitting me. I dont have much planned for the visit yet. But I think I want to go to the mall and pick up a few gifts for all these babyshowers that I have to attend. So I may take her along to do that. Her brother may not want to do that, but if he is with me, he might not have a choice, lol!
Im still not absolutely thrilled with this outfit either, but it was raining outside (yea yea, more excuses) so I didnt really feel like hunting for clothes nor did I feel like putting on anything fancy... Maybe tomorrow, lol!

OH, and yesterday - one of my loyal readers :) L. Michelle, asked what I bought from the Coach store.  (she could see the shopping bag in the background of my pics)... I picked up a few things when I was away with the book club.. I will show what I got tomorrow... so check back!!!!

.. one more thing... I have not forgotten about my Preggo Pic for this week, Week 24.. I will work on that tomorrow too. See ya then!!

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L. Michelle said...

LOL!!!! Girl, I love the COACH outlet! I think I am going to get my mom some sunglasses for Mother's Day. LOL! Thanks for the shout out!