Friday, April 22, 2011

9th Anniversary - Ebony Bookworms

FRIDAY - April 15
For our 9th Anniversary, The Ebony Bookworms traveled to Rehoboth Beach, DE for a few days.The group gathered at my house on Friday morning. Half of us left in the van, the other half met us there on Satruday because they had other commitments that came up since the planning of the trip.
 When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised at our home for the next few days. There were 6 bedrooms, and 4 bathrooms. A lovely backyard with a pool. The house had a nice open great room, with access to the kitchen, the dinning room and the living room.  The outside decks were filled with places to relax, eat or just listen to nature. It was really a nice place. 
We didnt get to spend much time outside because the weather was a little chilly, but it was nice to wake in the morning and open the windows to let that fresh, crisp morning breeze into the house while we cooked and ate breakfast. Lovely indeed!

This was my room for the weekend.
And my bathroom.
Everything was so beautifully appointed in this house. The decor was part beach house (laid back and chill), part chic hotel (polished and clean lines), part grandma's house (comfortable and welcoming with knick knacks everywhere)

SATURDAY - April 16
We didnt do a thing.  We layed around the house relaxing and talking. I think we may have watched a tv show or two but for the most part, we just chilled out and waited for the rest of the ladies to arrive.

SUNDAY- April 17
We spent most of the day shopping at the outlet.  I was able to snag a Coach Baby Bag for my new little one.
tunic-FashionBug; leggins-Loop18; jean jacket-OldNavy
Later that evening, a few of the ladies (Dawn and Debbie) went out for a few drinsk and went to a show. I was to tired from walking all day.  But they had a blast.  If they send me any pics from the show, I will see if they let me post them.. we'll see. 
MONDAY - April 18
We spent the day again, shopping at the outlets. This time I showed off a little more.  I bought the baby new clothes from Gymboree and Children's Place. And I got myself a few items from Motherhood Maternity.  I decided then, that I will only shop for maternity clothes at outlet prices. I got some good deals.

top-OldNavy; khaki pants-gift from coworker; necklace-Burlington
 TUESDAY - April 19
Time to travel back home.  We left the vacation house about 1p and we were headed back tp Baltimore.

tshirt-OldNavy Maternity; jeans-Motherhood Maternity

Group Photo, but Debbie was taking the pic.

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