Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday - Drumline LIVE

The show was awesome!!! Hubby and I had a great time. We were really surprised at how different the show was as compared to what we expected.  We thought it would be just the drum section of the band.. but no, it was the entire band, and they did all different types of music. From the roaring big band sound of the 20's to the soul stomping 70's.. and there was even a section for The King of Pop himself .. Michael Jackson!! It was really a good time.
 I had a total other outfit selected to wear to this event. I was gonna wear this long black dress. Alot more formal than what you see below. .. but when I got home on Friday, Hubby said that he went shopping and bought himself something to wear.. (UH OH!!!)... So I was like.. ok,what did u get? He showed me a blue hoodie.. really.. that looks like your regular clothes.. BUT. thats what he likes to wear. and he feels comfortable. and since this was his event.. I just selected something a little more casual.
cardi-Torrid; white tee-Old Navy; necklace-LB Outlet; jeans-new; earrings-Miami; boots-Arizona
 AND he looked awesome in what he put together. I really liked the hoodie with the sneakers.. He was happy, and so was I.
shirt-Polo; jeans-OldNavy; hoodie-Casual Male; hat and sneakers-Flight Club NYC
 Im not sure if I ever mentioned how much this man loves sneakers. And when we had the opportunity to go to NYC a few years back (I think it was a Valentine's Day trip). He wanted to go to a store called Flight Club. If you are a :sneaker head" then you know this is one of the best stores in the world to buy sneakers. They have the best selection of hard to find, sold out, or vintage sneakers around.

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