Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perfect in a Pencil Skirt

I have been holding on to this skirt for a few weeks now. It just keeps moving from one week to the next. And each week, I never seem to get it on.. But when I saw today's FFU50 February Calendar for today.. I knew I could pull this look out. 
lime cardi, tweed pencil skirt, polka dot tank, turquoise bracelet - Lane Bryant
I really like this skirt.  Its actually a tweed skirt with navy and lime green.  Its such a classic skirt. I think Im gonna find some ways to make it more casual. Each time I have worn it, I've dressed it up for work. Maybe I can wear it with a jean jacket to make it more casual.  We'll see. 

Another funny about today's look - I have on two different shoes.  My flats and my studded booties.. I couldnt decide what I wanted to wear, BUT in the end, I went with the flats.. I know BOOOORRRIIING!!! But I did do a little pattern mixing today.  Checkout my polka dot tank, lol.

1 comment:

Kim said...

That skirt is SO daggone hawt! I must get one!