Monday, April 12, 2010

Sigma Weekend - 70th Chapter Anniversary (AAS)

My busy weekend was spent with my sorority sisters. This weekend marked the 70th Anniversary of the Graduate Chapter that I am a member of, Alpha Alpha Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc. So, to celebrate the weekend, there were all types of festivites including a public meeting and a Gala, that I did not attend. However, I did attend the Anniversary Breakfast and that was so much fun. I got to spend some time with members of the sorority who are much older than I and who have a wealth of knowledge about the organization. We sang some old songs and had a blast looking back at old photos (through a slide show) and just enjoyed each others company.
Anniversary Breakfast Outfit
Yellow wrap dress - AshleyStewart
Camel slingback shoes - Macys???
sorority poddle pin in royal blue and gold

Ofcourse my little cousin was there as well. She was the one that invited me to this breakfast. It was really nice to spend time with her. These other two ladies are both good friends with my mother and aunts who are also sorors as well. These two were so delighted to see the legacy of our sorority continue in our family. They just kept asking everyone, "do you know who these two are" It was really cute. Im glad that we are a stellar example for our family sorority legacy.

After the breakfast, I stopped past my grandmother's house and spent the rest of the evening there. Here are a few pics of my little cousin playing in my wig, lol! She is soooo cute!

The many faces of Ali-Boo!
While I was there, a few of my other cousins came by, with their children. My grandparents were so delighted to have all of us around them. My grandma gave us granddaughters a cooking lesson, on making gravy and making fry cornbread. We recorded the whole thing, cuz it was priceless, lol!

These are a few shots of my cousin's daughter - Taylor. I give most of the great-grands and some of the younger cousins nicknames.. this little sweetie is named "LadyBug" and "Animal" (from the Muppets, yup, she acts just like that, lol)
The next morning, I attended the worship service for the 70th Chapter Anniversary.
Sunday's Worship Service Outfit
Royal Blue dress - K&G
Yellow linen sorority jacket - Custom made by Jessica London
Pearls - from another dress
Gold shoes - Jessica Simpson
The worship service was excellent. The pastor did a superb job of biblically explaining about our destiny and perserverance. If we settle in a place that is comfortable we will never reach our full potential of where we are destined to go. And its very possible that when we do decide to move to our new location, our destiny, that we will leave some folks behind who arent yet ready to move. They like it comfortable and the old way, the way it has alwyas been. But the biggest drawback of not moving to our destiny is that when we make a decision to stay where we are comfortable, we are stifling the growth of future generations as well. Because they are forced to stay where we have made them a home not knowing that there are greater things out there. AAAHH, it was an excellent sermon. (Genesis 11:27-32; 12:1-7)

We worshiped at Douglas Memorial Community Church with Rev. Dr. S. Todd Yeary
(pictured center).
This is a picture of the directorate of the graduate chapter,
decked out in all their royal blue and gold.


EvaNadine said...

love the color + shape of that yellow dress on you -- very flattering!

have you considered taking the blue dress up a bit? the color and style are lovely on you, but i think it may be more flattering a few inches shorter...

Maria said...

Yellow and blue both look so great on you!

DaciaVu said...

I love that wrap dress!! Yellow looks great on you! :)

Andie said...

That yellow dress is amazing on you. It's look great with your skin tone and the shape is perfect for you! :)

Can I also tell you how refreshing it is for me to see another sorority gal who is active with her organization!

NikStar said...

I agree with Andie...that dress is most definitely amazing on you! That color, beautiful!!!

BBM said...

what a fun time kameel! and u absolutely looked incredible! i love the yellow and blue on you (go chargers!) ... and ure fam and friends are so adorable! cute story about giving nicknames ... i have an uncle that does that too although our nicknames are just so weird and random. mine is ba-kiks. see i told you.

you looked great love!

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Your yellow wrap dress is STUNNING and I simply MUST have one of my own! :)

BBM said...

Oh! and must read that passage for tonight's devotion ... I got goosebumps just reading about it! what God has in store for us is amazing if we just persevere .. jer. 33:3.


QueenDiva said...

OMG!!! You are killing me with that yellow dress... I want one NOW!!! And I am loving how you worked that blue dress... I am a dress whore... and I want those both in my closet... work it girl!!!

Toya said...

I just found your blog and I must give my soror a shout out EE-YIPP!!! I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc. I'm a member at large right now but looking at a grad chapter where I live.

You are working that yellow dress, I'm going to be tuning from here on out.

I look forward to getting to know you sis.