Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glamorous Professional - Lucky Mag April 2010

Here is my attempt at Glamorous Professional. As Evanadine always tells me, I think that this dress could be a little shorter. Its a little long for my taste, but who has time for all these alterations, lol! (But I may have to adjust this one) And I really think I needed a necklace with this look, but I was to much in a rush this morning to find one.. so I went bare neck, lol!
Today's Outfit
Dress - Ross (maybe?)
Denim blazer - Ross
Happy Administrative Professionals Day to all!


FashionAddict said...

Love this look! You do look "glamorous professional" if you ask me :) But you KNOW I'm a huge sucker for 1) dresses and 2) great blazers. So the combo is A+++ in my opinion.

EvaNadine said...

oh golly, do i always say that?
maybe im just longing for my super-skinny says when i wore mini skirts!
tell me to shush, really!

either way, great dress with an awesome print!

Becky said...

This looks fantastic! Love the blazer over the flowy dress. Very cute!

misss_e said...

I really like this...its chic.

BBM said...

re-posted! LOVE that jacket!