Friday, April 16, 2010

Black and White Days

Its just a laid back, Black and White day today. I put the purse in the pic for a pop of color and I actually wore my jean jacket to work, but no pic of that.
leggins - Macys
Black and White Tunic - Macys
bag - SteinMart

I heard a few different comments on the question about SteinMart. I think they have a good variety of stuff. I will admit, sometimes the plus size section can be less rewarding. But the shoes and accessories are so cute. There are a few pricey pieces, but I am not always looking for a bargain, so its cool for me. Sometimes, I actually buy what I want so price is not as much of an issue when I am in that mood. The selections for straight sizes in the few SteinMarts that I have been in are awesome! I mean they have all kinds of cool stuff from evening dresses to corporate attire to yacht gear. I think SteinMart reminds me of Loehmans if anyone is familiar with that store. And SteinMart has a pretty good selection of housewares too.. and the luggage.. aaaaahhhh! Ok Ok.. enough, I am not a daggone SteinMart sales person.


I BLEED PINK said...

I am going to see if we have a steinmart close, I am intrigued now!

BBM said...

aaahhh the classic black and white ... i adore it! have a great weekend love!

Nefertiti said...

Tres sympa comme tenue classe et decontractee a la fois

j ai fait le defis,MERCI !

Beth said...

I love this look. I haev been rocking the tunic leggings look this spring too.
I don't know about Steinmart. I haven't seen it up here in NY and I usually jump on discount clothing venues.