Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty is a State of Mind - Pass it on!

I was awarded this Beautiful Blogger award from Beth at Refashion, Recycle, Reuse

Here are the rules behind the award:

1. Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
- (check)Thank you, Beth.
2. Pass this award onto 10 bloggers.OK, here goes...
- (check) Here is that list. Sorry ladies, I know that you have gotten plenty of these awards.. so no stress or obligation to reply.. but its fun, so try it if you like :) I really appreciate that you read my crap everyday, lol!
Contact Blogs to let them know they’ve won. (done)

4. Tell seven things about yourself:
- (check) here ya go!

1. I LOOOOVE PIZZA!! I could eat a different kind everyday. And I much prefer thin crust.
2. I want to be a photographer. But I really need some lessons. Hubby bought me this fancy camera and I haven’t really used it to its full potential. I have done a few gigs, but nothing serious. I really want to be a photographer. (Photography was one of the reasons that I started my blog)
3. My husband is so special! He is a wonderful man that I totally adore. No matter what happens in my life that man is super supportive. I love my husband!
4. I want to have a closer relationship with GOD. – nuff said.
5. I want my mother to go to a doctor’s appointment. She hasn’t been in a long time. (oops, that wasn’t about me.. oh well)
6. I LOVE going on vacation…and I LOVE coming home.
7. I try really hard to be a positive person and live my life as an example for others. (But ofcourse I am human, so I don’t always get it right)


Andie said...

If you want help getting your mom to the doctor, tell her the story of my MIL- my MIL avoided all doctors for 30 years and we discovered she had Stage IVC Uterine Cancer last summer on July 7th. She passed away on August 19th. If you want to talk to me about it- email me- but yeah, sometimes a story like that will get someone to a doctor, STAT.

Sorry to bring that up- but I figure it's worth it to let someone use the information to get someone to a doctor!

Congrats on the award! :)

Andie said...

oh, and if you want photography advice or help- feel free to ask me! :)

QueenDiva said...

OMG!!! Thanks... i can't believe it!!!

Maria said...

Congrats on the award! I love your that your 7 things give us a glimpse at who you are, and thanks for passing it on to me! I will get to it soon.

Nefertiti said...


ho que c est gentil,je le fais demain sans faute ! ;O)

Sak said...

thankyou so much for passing it on..big hug!!

BBM said...

thank you so much love! i really appreciate it! ditto on 2, 4, and 6! love ure facts!

cheeky curves said...

congratulation on getting this award. hey no 5 is about you, its how you care about your mum. thank you for allowing us to get an insight into who you are.

Anonymous said...


Bianca said...

Thanks so much for the award! Love it. I love reading everyone's facts. :-)

DaciaVu said...

Thanks so much for giving me an award!! I loved reading your 10 things, you seem like a very warm-hearted and positive person, I think you set a great example for others!