Thursday, December 8, 2011

whats back there?

Do you see anything new in the background.. yup, its that time of year.  And this year, we got our first artificial tree.  Hubby picked it out yesterday and had it up and sparkling when I got home from work.. such a sweetie :) I'll add all the trimmings tonight.  Since Im having company this weekend.  I think my sorority sister may come, but the Book Club is coming over for warm wine and soup. I guiess I need to get a desert. Id like to have a carrot cake.  Surely they can bring whatever else they would like to have.  I'll post pics later - if they let me.

skirt-LaneBryant; shirt-JC Penney; shoes-Nine West Outlet

And I cant wait to share pics of pur babies Christening this weekend. Im so excited for you to see our family portraits and Ryan's Christening pics.

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