Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today I have the "blues"

Nope, not the "baby blues" although I did have a mild case of that after I gave birth to Ryan.  It was a tough time, but since those days are past me.. (and I have new challenges ahead) we wont even go back there. 

Today, Im wearing my "blues" I got this shirt at the LB Outlet and when I saw it I loved it.  I bought the same shirt in brown too. I have a bad habit with that .. If I like it, I buy it in all colors.  My sister always reminds me, that habit is compulsive and I need to stop and choose one.. but its sooo difficult becasue I am so indecisive.  You should hear the stories about purchasing and finding my wedding dress.  I'll have to do a post on that one day.

But for today, Im all in blue :) and happy about it.
The only indecision I had today was do I wear the shirt tucked in or pulled out?
skirt-Lane Bryant; shirt-LB Outlet
after seeing the pics, I decided to wear the shirt tucked when I got to work.

Have a great day everyone. 

Im so excited about tomorrow. I get to spend some fun times with my BFFs. Ill try to post a pic of us, but Im not sure if they will let me.  I'll tell them to wear their favorite casual outfit tomorrow for pics :)

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Lesa said...

Gotta love the blues! I think I have the same shirt, although it looks better on you than me.

Always Summer