Thursday, October 20, 2011

Running in the Rain

All who know me, they know that I hate the rain. Well I dont hate the rain itself, i hate having to travel in the rain.  But I guess I really wanted to get out of the house last night because, I actually ran out in the rain to return some items to Lane Bryant.. and to pick up a package from them as well.

This is what I wore while running in the rain

Yeah, duuuh - the pics wont rotate correctly, oh well.. no time for fixing this. You get the idea.
I have on long cardi from Ashley Stewart; tank from LB; and jeans and clogs from JC Penney.

Talk to ya soon everyone! I have to run out again tonight.. Maybe I can make a post tomorrow.  And the outfit might look very similar. I bought two of these long cardis.. arent they so caaauuute!!

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misss_e said...

I had to turn my head but i get the point! LOL