Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jilly from Philly

Yall know how I do for birthdays... well maybe you dont - but let me say, around here, birthdays are "something like a big deal"

So for Sister and BFF Yolanda's birthday we went to the Jill Scott Concert here in Baltimore.  It was amaaazing, (ofcourse).  We love Jill.. some years back, Londa and I went to a Jill Scott concert in ATL. Who do you know, will plan a trip to ATL (hotel, airfare, rental car, etc) to see Jill, just because the tickets were $20. Joke was on us because the place had no seats - we waited in line for 3 hours and then stood another 3 hours for the show.  OKay, that was a long time ago. This time we had some of the best box seats in the house.. and we sang along like we were on stage with Jill.   Can u say - "true fans"

Both BFF Yolanda and BFF Courtney went to the show.  (Cousin Nikki went to the show too, but I didnt get an outfit pic) We were laughing because we all get to benefit from the others birthday.
They looked cute in these outfits:
 The Birthday Girl - BFF Yolanda
 BFF  Courtney

well this was my first opportunity (post baby) to get dressed up... so in "Mrs Hall In-Training" fashion (no pun intended, lol)... i had a fashion show. Here are the looks that I had to choose from. Which is your favorite?
Look #1 : dress-Macys; shoes-JCPenney (all looks); accessories-Avenue

Look#2 : dress-Macys

Look#3 : top-LB; ponte knit leggings and long cardi-JCPenney

Look#4 : top-Ashley Stewart; cargo jeggins-Dots

Look#5 : top-Ashley Stewart; ponte knit leggins-JCPenney; sweater-LB
Look#6 : denim top-JCPenney; skirt-LB

So which was your fav? I wore Look #1 to the concert :)


L. Michelle said...

So glad you're blogging again ;)

I love looks #3, 4, 5, & 6 the most. You've given me some ideas!

misss_e said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! Cute! YOU LOOK FABULOUS~

Bajan Beauty said...

I love all the looks but #4 was my fave, the sequins were girly but the camo made the outfit edgy =)