Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hopscotch - Skipped a few days

I jumped around a bit this week.  I kind of skipped taking a few pics. But most of the outfits were repeats anyway. So you already know what I look like in them, lol.
Saturday: Mom and I spent the day together.  We ate lunch and went to visit my cousin's new baby.  Mom asked me to pose from the side and hold my belly. But I think this pic is decieveing, Im not really that big.. its all dress, lol. (ok, maybe I am kind of that big)
Monday: I spent the morning at the docts office. Everything looks good. But with only a fw days more to go, I havent dilated.  I guess Baby Hall knows exactly when he wants to come.  Im going to start a few techniques to see if I can get him moving on down. 
Wednesday: Today, well its the middle of the week, and my last few days at work.  My staff is getting nervous with me leaving, but I tried to reassure him that it wont be so bad. And it just looks like alot, he can handle it.  I told him - Just think, I will be starting on a new experience too.  Total unchartered territory.  He has two children, so what advice would he give me?  Its funny that we are both about to embark on a new experience that the other person has experience with... its pretty funny, as I think about it.

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L. Michelle said...

Still looking great and keeping it fly throughout your pregnancy! Thanks for showing that it CAN be done!