Tuesday, August 9, 2011

39 weeks and still counting

At yesterday's doctor's appointment, still no progress on dilation. So Baby Hall is still taking his time in coming.  But I guess I can wait it out since his actual due date is not until August 15 which is this coming Monday.

Here is what I wore to the doctor's appointment, at 39 weeks - and no dilation.  I did get a walk in last night, to try to get things moving. Im going to try to get a walk in this evening too. We'll see how it goes.
tshirt-OldNavy; skirt-LaneBryant
Today  is my last official day at work, although I will most likely complete a few telework days from home until Baby Hall (affectionately called "Prince Charming") makes his arrival.
tank-OldNavy; cardi-OldNavy; cargos-Motherhood
My aunts and cousin came over to my house yesterday to get me all set up in preparation for Baby Hall. They spent the day cleaning, washing clothes and organizing.  I was overwhelmed with how they really got me all organized.  And they are coming back today for round two!!!  A much appreciated task.
Here is the setup that they made in the living room.  And I got the rocking chair from my mother-inlaw and brother-inlaw! It came in a few days and Im so glad that I got it. Very nice gift.  Im sure that Baby Hall (Ryan) and I will get plenty of use out of this chair.
Im all ready to welcome Baby Hall and any guests, lol.


L. Michelle said...

Looking good and your belly has definitely "dropped"! Come on Baby Hall!!!!

Nefertiti said...

bientot la delivrance ;O)